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      "They are indeed pretty," answered De Boteler; "and the fair hands that wrought them deserve praise. What think you, Sir Robert?"

      Chapter 10

      "Well, of course if it's only fun.... But f?ather wudn't think it that."Towards the close of the day, father John came to see his sister. "You are ill, my child," said the monk, as he drew a chair to the side of the bed, and gazed anxiously at her pallid cheek and swollen eyes. Margaret answered incoherently.

      "Calverley," said he, "think you that this Margaret loves her husband?" A slight shade passed over Calverley's cheek as he answered,"Certainly," said Richard without a tremor.

      "He ?un't busted yet," said Coalbran.


      Old Comfort scraped and mumbled, and fussed over the lamb, which the two Latinists had entirely forgotten. Then Richard, seeing himself free and the sky clear, offered to help her through the drifts to Flightshot. She let him accompany her as far as the edge of the Manor estate, where the going was no longer dangerous."But won't it be too hard for mother?" Naomi had objected.


      He finished his supper and went out of the kitchen. Harry and his mother sat for a moment or two in silence."Stop!" he shouted.


      "Nonsense!" interrupted Calverley. "Hear me, or you will be hanged! If you hope to save your life, Mary Byles, you must swear that you gave it according to Edith's directionsbreathe not a syllable of the drops!"